Nightsky colorbond custom rainhead with overflow shoot.

Rain Water

No matter where in Melbourne your property is located, you’ll have to deal with large volumes of rain at various times throughout the year. Victoria tends to be a fairly temperature state, and definitely sees its fair share of rainfall – you only have to look back to the flooding and thunderstorm activity in 2010 for proof of this!

Even if you’re dealing with day-to-day rainfall, your home – and roof – still needs a reliable, effective way to effectively drain or collect rainwater. Our Bay City Roof Plumbing team are more than happy to provide you with high-quality rainheads, downpipes and water tanks that will help you to manage any rainfall on your property.

We can provide all profiles of spouting and roof-related rainwater installation, including:

  • Quad, half-round, Ogee and fascia gutters,
  • Internal eve, box gutters.
  • All profiles of downpipes from round to square.
  • Feature downpipes, stainless steel to chain downpipes.
  • Rainwater tanks.
  • Custom-formed solutions to perfectly suit your property.

Our rainwater products can be installed new or can easily replace any existing guttering or spouting on your property. They are specifically designed to allow for the fastest possible draining of water, prevent your gutters overflowing and fit in with any property’s style and look.

Avoiding overflowing guttering or spouting is vital for all homeowners, as this can result in water entering your home’s structure and foundations. If you want to avoid long-lasting and potentially devastating property damage, you’ll want clean and functional rainwater drainage systems.

This product range is also an excellent choice for anyone who collects rainwater on their property. Our rainheads and spouting allow for fast draining, quickly siphoning rainwater into a collection tank – which we can also provide.