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The Bay City Roof Plumbing team is ready and willing to talk to you about your cladding requirements. We can provide high-quality, top-of-the-line cladding products that are suitable for both roofing and façade-based applications.

We specialize in all architectural cladding inc,

  • V.M Zinc and Copper panel systems,
  • Standing Seam, Flat lock and interlocking systems.
  • All Colorbond profile cladding.
  • Coolmax Colorbond.
  • Fascia covers.

Installing exterior cladding is a fantastic idea for any homeowner – or anyone who owns a property. It’s a vital investment that ensures your property is protected against high or low temperatures, excessive winds, water, solar and UV radiation, and various other weather conditions.

Cladding also works beautifully to insulate your property and maintain consistent interior temperatures, regardless of weather conditions outside. When a comfortable temperature is maintained inside your property, you’ll see drastic reductions in heating and cooling costs –
cladding helps to prevent temperature loss and keep out higher ambient temperatures.

At Bay City Roof Plumbing, we can effectively install cladding on your roof, create a quality façade out of our high-quality cladding products, or clad any extension or addition to your property. It’s always important to consider cladding when you have any additional rooms or spaces added to your building: not only in regards to insulation and protection against the elements, but in terms of property value as well. Our range of cladding products come in a wide variety of materials, styles and colours that are sure to complement the look of your property and improve its appearance.